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Photographer Vienna

The professional photographers of ViennaShots - your photo experts

As professional photographers in Vienna, we are your trustworthy choice for capturing unforgettable moments and capturing them in impressive pictures. Our passion for photography is reflected in every single photo we create. With an eye for detail and a flair for aesthetics, we strive to capture special moments in our photographs. Whether it’s event photos, portraits, job application photos, employee photos or studio pictures. We will make you an individual offer!

Arrange an appointment with us right away or send us a non-binding inquiry ! We would love to support you with our photo services!

Why should you book photographic accompaniment from ViennaShots?

Business photography from Vienna

Event photography is the art of capturing the pulse of special moments and creating lasting memories. Our team of experienced event photographers from Vienna understands the importance of every moment and captures the mood, emotions and energy of every event in an authentic way. With an eye for detail and a flair for the perfect moment, we deliver photographic stories that live on long after the event.

Employee photos - perfect photos in the right light

Looking for a partner for employee portraits?

Our employee photos express the heart and soul of your company. A look says more than a thousand words. Our employee photos capture the personalities behind every smile, every idea and every success. Discover the face of your team in a new dimension!


Product photos for brand communication

We put your products in the spotlight and let them shine in the best light. Our experienced photographers use professional techniques to emphasize the details, textures and special features of your product photos. Whether you need online store images, promotional materials or catalog shots, we’ll make sure your products are presented at their best. Our product photos not only convey information, but also arouse the interest and enthusiasm of your customers.

Food photos - with attention to detail

Discover how our food photography from Vienna brings the taste of your creations to life! An image that whets the appetite is just as important as the taste of the dish itself. Our experts perfectly showcase every detail, from the vibrant colors to the fine textures. Let light, shadow and perspective work for you and make your restaurant menu, cookbook or blog shine. Click now to make your dishes more tempting than ever before!


Architectural photography - staged

Our real estate photography reveals the characteristics and charm of each property. A powerful image can shape the first impression and inspire potential prospects. Our photographers have mastered the art of capturing both the grandeur of architecture and the intimacy of interiors. Whether majestic exterior views or warm interiors – we bring out the uniqueness of every property. View your property through our lens and see for yourself!

Social media photography

Professional photos play a crucial role in today’s digital era, as visual content is becoming increasingly important. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. offer companies the opportunity to position their brand and establish a personal connection with their target group. The aesthetics and originality of a photo are often decisive for success on social media.


Medical office photography

Photography of medical practices – Let your medical practice shine in the best light! With our specialized photography for medical facilities, you present confidence and professionalism at first glance. Curious to see how your practice looks through our lens? Get in touch with us now and impress future patients with pictures that show your uniqueness!

360 degree photography - your virtual tour

Give your customers a first impression of your premises online! Benefit from the latest technology and give your website visitors a completely new and unique user experience with a virtual tour!

With interactive elements such as a 360-degree tour, your website visitors stay longer on your website and are more likely to become your customers! See for yourself!


Photos for private customers from Vienna

Application photos from Vienna

Present yourself in the best light! A application photo is often your first step into the business world – make it an impressive start! Discover how our photographers capture your uniqueness, competence and self-confidence in a picture. Do you need the perfect photo for your CV or professional profile? Click now and let us help you make that first impression unforgettable.


Singles photo shoot from Vienna

Show yourself from your best side! With our single photos, your profile picture will not only stand out, but also let your true personality shine. Would you like to know how we can capture your charisma and unique character in a picture? Click now and let your online dating profile shine in new splendor!

Outdoor photo shoot with friends

With outdoor photos, we not only capture your face, but also your personality and mood. Click now and discover how our outdoor photography captures your personality amidst stunning scenery. We master the interplay of light and shadow to present you in an authentic and vivid image. Look at yourself as you have never been seen before!


Family photo shoot For young and old

Capture your family’s special moments with our professional family photos. We guarantee to capture the naturalness and uniqueness of each family, whether in the studio or at a location of your choice. Our photos reflect the emotions and bonds of your family and create lasting memories that will fill your home with warmth. Let’s capture these precious moments together.

Couple photo shoot as a perfect memory

Capture your love with a couple’s photo shoot!

The couple photo shoot is not only a great opportunity to create memories together as a couple, but it’s also a great way to surprise your loved one on your next anniversary!


Girlfriend photo shoot - unforgettable friendship

Because what counts are the true friends in life!

You and your friends probably have tons of selfies in your photo album. But with a professional girlfriend photo shoot, you’ll benefit from high-quality photos that are perfect for printing your friendship on a large wall poster!

Stag party photos perfectly captured

Your days as a bachelorette are numbered and you can’t wait to finally marry your fiancé! But what you absolutely mustn’t miss is a bachelorette party with your loved ones!

Have this special day accompanied by a professional photographer from Viennashots and capture this memory for eternity with great photos!


Baby bump photos with creativity

Pregnancy is a unique and wonderful phase in the life of an expectant mother. But before you know it, the nine months of pregnancy are over and you’re holding your little one in your arms!

Let’s immortalize this special stage of life in pictures together, so that you can take a look at the pictures in 10 years’ time and put yourself in the shoes of an expectant mother once again!

Newborn photo shoot

The first days and weeks of a newborn’s life are characterized by incomparable tenderness and beauty. Day by day they get bigger and before you know it, the first day of school has arrived.

So have your newborn baby photographed by a professional photographer to capture these precious moments!


Baby & children photos

With our baby and child photos, we create authentic, lively images that focus on the personality and charm of your child. Our relaxed and empathetic approach ensures that your little ones feel comfortable and have fun during the photo shoot.

Discover more about our baby and children photography and arrange a photo shoot today!

Kindergarten photos

Kindergarten is an important and formative milestone in your child’s childhood.

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten, a kindergarten party or everyday kindergarten life – we at ViennaShots make sure that you can still admire the photos years later and revel in the memories.


Baptism photography

Baptism is a significant event in the life of a child and their family. We capture the tender moments of the ceremony, the joy of the family and the love that surrounds the child in touching pictures. With a discreet approach, the Viennashots photographers ensure that you can enjoy the day to the full while we capture the precious moments for you.

Photography of first communions

First Communion is a unique experience in your child’s life. So don’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer – you won’t regret it.


Confirmation photography

Alongside baptism and first communion, confirmation is another important milestone in your child’s life. I accompany this special celebration discreetly and sensitively, capturing the festive atmosphere, the joy of the family and the meaningful moments of the ceremony.

We create timeless memories of this special stage of life!

School photos

School is an incredibly formative time in a child’s life. Before you know it, your children have graduated and are off to university or work.

So that time doesn’t pass too quickly and you still have photos years later to remind you and your child of this special time, school photos from a photographer in Vienna are a great way to capture this stage of life for eternity.


Wedding photos from Vienna

With our
wedding photos from Vienna
we tell the unique love story of two people who are destined for eternity in pictures. We understand that a wedding is a magical day that needs to be carefully documented. Our experienced wedding photographers capture not only the festive moments and happy faces, but also the emotions that are in the air. from Vienna

The world is full of beauty - we capture it with our photos!

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– we look forward to hearing from you! E-mails and inquiries are usually answered within 2 hours – Monday to Friday and also at weekends! In our photo studio in Vienna, we are close to you and can carry out any photo shoot in a pleasant atmosphere during your appointment.

General questions about photography

Do you have questions about our photo shoots and our offer? We have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you! Are you interested in a photographer from ViennaShots? We look forward to hearing from you!

The costs for a photographer in Vienna depend on various factors and can vary greatly. When booking a photographer for portrait photo shoots, family photos or special occasions such as weddings, there are a few aspects to consider.

First and foremost, the type of photo shoot is crucial. A professional portrait or family photo shoot in a studio is priced differently to more extensive projects such as wedding photography. For weddings, for example, not only the duration of the photography, but also the experience of the photographer, the scope of the edited photos, travel costs and any additional services such as hiring a second photographer must be taken into account.

It is important to consider not only the price, but also the quality of the work, the personal style of the photographer and the sympathy between photographer and client. Every photographer has their own way of capturing and editing moments, and this personal touch will ultimately shape the memories you keep of the event.

When planning a photo shoot in Vienna, it is advisable to compare offers from different photographers. It is also important to clearly communicate and record in writing all details and agreements, such as the number of hours, the number of photos processed, the delivery time and the payment terms.

Choosing the right photographer in Vienna means finding a partner who understands your vision and is able to capture unforgettable moments that reflect your personal style and the uniqueness of the occasion.

We offer a wide range of photographic services! Click through our website – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form!

Our photographic approach is characterized by a combination of creativity, professionalism and the pursuit of exceptional results. We attach great importance not only to taking photos, but to telling stories. Each shot is carefully composed to capture the unique essence of the moment.

Our attention to detail and our ability to bring out the personalities of our subjects give our images a special depth. We work closely with our clients to understand their ideas and desires and reflect them in each photo. Our photographic approach goes beyond the technical – it touches emotions and creates visual experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Our photo studio is located both in the 1st district in Vienna and wherever you are! Our team is flexible and happy to arrange a shoot at a location of your choice! Simply send us a request for this!

It all depends on the photo shoot! Further details will be clarified during a short phone call or, if desired, during a short meeting!

We always try to make sure that you receive your photos as soon as possible! We usually provide you with your photos 3 to 7 days after the shoot.

The easiest way to make an appointment is to use our contact form! We will get back to you by phone or email within 24 hours!

Of course! Our photographers always have some tips on suitable poses and motifs ready on site. But the most important thing is – just be yourself! This way your photos are sure to be a success!

A good photographer combines technical expertise with creative vision and excellent communication skills. The technical know-how in terms of camera techniques, lighting, composition and image editing is fundamental to creating high-quality photos. Creativity and a good eye for detail are key to creating exceptional images that tell a story and focus on the right elements. Communication skills play an important role, especially in portrait photography, weddings or events, as the photographer needs to understand clients and realize their wishes while at the same time relaxing people in front of the camera.

Yes! Discover the perfect gift for any occasion with our photo studio gift vouchers. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or simply a lovely surprise – our gift vouchers offer a unique opportunity to capture special moments and create unforgettable memories. Our vouchers are ideal for those who want to explore the world of photography, be it through a professional portrait photo shoot, a family photo or an individual photo session.

Our gift vouchers can be used flexibly and can be adapted to the specific needs and wishes of the recipient. They offer the freedom to tailor the photo shoot to your own ideas, with our experienced photographers always on hand to capture every moment perfectly. Whether in the studio or at a location of your choice, we make sure that every photo is unique and personal.