Event photographer Vienna

Event photography is an important part of most events if they are to be used not only at the moment of the event, but also for marketing purposes. By a well planned and structured event photography you profit as an organizer from a clearly larger external effect of the event and can use this among other things in your references or in marketing. It is important to understand how event photography works and which focal points it can set.

If you are looking for a photographer for your event, you have now found him! Event photography in particular requires a lot of experience, professional knowledge and the use of high-quality and creative technology. As photographers and IT experts, we will find a suitable solution for every form and every level of event photography.

FAQ about event photography

Event photography is also a question of professional equipment

Those who photograph themselves are also proud of their results as amateurs, e.g. photos of a holiday trip. Event photography, however, requires the use of technical equipment, which a layman normally doesn’t have. A guarantor of good event photography is the lighting. Most events are in the evening and require flashlight or other professional photo illumination. For a skilful and pleasant exposure we use indirect flash: The light impulse goes to the bright ceiling of the room and thus ensures pleasant light distribution. Sometimes, however, the lighting conditions are so difficult that photographers can only get ahead with professional equipment. In event photography, we rely on high-performance cameras with extremely high ISO performance. This guarantees “noise-free” and brilliant images even in poor lighting conditions. In order to be able to act discreetly from the background, we use lenses with long focal lengths in event photography. Thus, we also take good and meaningful pictures from a great distance.

At particularly large events such as Messe Wien, the stand design and the trade fair concept are of great photographic importance. In the case of photography for conferences with a lecture character, it is particularly important for the photographer to act completely in the background and appear very discreetly without disturbing the course of the event or the lectures. This is necessary so that the focus is completely on the speaker.

Important aspects of event photography

A good preliminary discussion is important for professional event photography: Our job as your photographer is to satisfy you in all respects. The photographer’s appearance is also important for this: Perfectly dressed and suitable for the event, the personality of the photographer is decisive for the guests to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are photographed. Perfect and polite appearance is also a matter of course.