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Product photography overview

Entrust us with your high-quality product photos

We work in the fields of photography, video and graphics and thus make an important contribution to successful marketing. Find out more about us and the diversity of our tasks on our website. Skillful product photography occupies an important position within the overall ViennaShots offer. Our team of experts works punctually, reliably and at fair prices. We provide our customers with first-class product photos that optimally fulfill their desired purpose.

Do you need photos for e-commerce?

There are various subject areas in which ViennaShots is particularly well versed, including fashion and jewelry, toys, flowers and fruit , as well as
real estate and interior design
. If you would like a ghost mannequin shoot for the presentation of your products, our professionals are ready to help. Whether in the studio or outdoors: we are there for you and will put your brand vision in the best possible light. You can also rely on other services: In addition to product and fashion photography for e-commerce, videos and catalogs, we also offer retouching, color correction, model casting and other services. ViennaShots is passionate about supporting you with your campaigns, online appearances and other advertising and PR measures.

Why is product photography so important?

If you are advertising a product that potential buyers do not have right in front of their eyes, you cannot do without brilliant product photos. These can be used as imprints for packaged items, but are also used for online offers or catalogs. A product photo should arouse curiosity and buying interest – we at ViennaShots know this and take it to heart.

We approach product photos with both experience and intuition. Every article, every item of clothing and every device is viewed as if someone were holding it in their hand for the first time. Or saw it for the very first time in reality. Before the shoot, we inspect the product from all sides and from different angles. Pictures showing products from different perspectives are well received and memorable.

Take shoes, for example: the effect from above, from behind and from the front is important. The sole and interior of the model also require attention. Your professionals at ViennaShots take into account the details that are worth emphasizing in product photos. These come into their own particularly well with a close-up. Sometimes it is tiny details that enhance a product and distinguish it from similar ones.

It can be worthwhile to apply objectivity to product photos. This will give your future customers the peace of mind they need to take a relaxed look at the product and appreciate its benefits.

What are the guidelines for creating product photos?

Of course, this depends first and foremost on the product category. Fashion items and accessories require a different presentation than everyday objects or technical accessories. Kitchen and garden tools are presented differently to a book title or CD cover. The photographers are familiar with all the challenges that can arise with product photos. For example, how can the texture and elegant matt sheen of a coat lining be emphasized? The experts with the camera know which light is suitable for this.

Authentic and credible product photography

For many products, it is very important that sizes and proportions are clearly recognizable in the photos. Visualizing this information authentically and credibly is another task in product photography. If the focus of the advertising message is on the ease of use of an appliance, this advantage should be clearly shown in the product photo. ViennaShots selects the appropriate models to emphasize the advertising message in a comprehensible way. With various DIN-standardized articles and other uniform products on the market, there is no need for such considerations in advance.

Product photography and styling

The right accessories and accessories

Product photography requires a lot of preparation. Extra accessories may need to be purchased to make a handbag or suitcase look particularly attractive. Some products such as vases or jugs may need to be shown both empty and full. The product photographers at ViennaShots consult closely with their clients before each photography appointment to avoid misunderstandings. Should there be a difference of opinion, we will be happy to carry out a test shoot. Then an objective decision can be made on the best way to implement the advertising vision.

Matching models with the right concept

Which models in which outfits are the best ambassadors in a product photo can also be a cause for discussion. That’s why we develop a concept from the outset that addresses as many factors as possible. The model and the object must be convincing together – the diversity that is often propagated today should not be pushed through at the expense of credibility.

Style and sensitivity in product photography

If the product to be photographed comes from the food sector, it can usually do with a little decoration. How surprising this turns out has to do with the type of product, its quality and its price. If it comes from Asia, for example, no one expects an accompaniment that is recognizably from the local region. Nevertheless, this can be exactly the highlight – here style and sensitivity are decisive for the pictures to catch the eye.

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