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Architectural photography from Vienna

Especially for that Creation of company brochures or Business reports photographic documentation of the company building is essential. We take both exterior and interior photos of your company building and deliver them to you ready for printing. We pay particular attention to the “small” details, which are of great relevance for the construction of the company’s internal image database.

Architectural photography knows how to convince with its clear style. But in order to be able to take perfect pictures of different architectures, you need not only the right equipment but also the appropriate experience. We answer the most important questions about architectural photography for you here.

Architectural photography is used, among other things, in the field of art, but can also be used to illustrate reports or reports. The artistic pictures are often used in picture books, but also in exhibitions.

Without a good and structured post-processing, many details in architectural photography are difficult to come into their own. For this reason, most photographers in architectural photography work exclusively in the lossless RAW format in order to be able to optimally post-process the images.

Choosing the right time definitely influences the resulting images. Strong sunlight creates very strong contrasts and extremely bright colors. The slightly diffuse light in the morning, on the other hand, makes buildings appear softer and more inviting. The blue hour in the evening can also be worthwhile for architectural photography.

Depending on the type of building and the individual focus, architectural photography can take a lot of time. Once you’ve found a suitable building for your photography, the first step is to determine the perfect time to shoot. Professional architectural photographers often spend a whole day in front of a building and capture the images at different times. A reflective facade can, for example, achieve a completely different effect at the onset of dusk than on a bright day in bright sunshine.

In architectural photography, you want to depict most of the buildings or details with a high depth of field. This means that in architectural photography you usually have to work with a very closed aperture and at the same time with a low ISO value. Accordingly, the images require a longer exposure time for imaging. For this reason, architectural photography works almost exclusively with a tripod.

As a rule, short focal lengths are mainly used in architectural photography. Often, lenses in the wide-angle range between 10 and 35 millimeters are used. This selection is definitely justified; the largest possible section of a building or an interior can be covered by means of a short focal length. In addition, in architectural photography it is not always possible to get enough distance from the building to work with a long focal length. In addition, this focal length allows a high depth of field to be used.

The choice of equipment in architectural photography depends on many different factors. In any case, the basis is a good camera with a lens with a suitable focal length. In addition, tripods and suitable flash units are just as helpful as the option of extensive image processing afterwards. Since light plays a special role in architectural photography, many architectural photographers also work with reflectors and reflector foils in order to effectively direct the natural light onto the areas to be photographed and thus create the right lighting mood for architectural photography. A high sharpness of the pictures is just as important in architectural photography, which is why most pictures are taken with a tripod. In order to avoid further blurring, many architectural photographers also resort to suitable remote release and can thus capture all details photographically.

Architectural photography is a special area of photography that deals with the depiction of architecturally interesting buildings, building details or interior areas. The range of architectural photography is very large. Regardless of whether entire buildings, stairs, ornaments, details or even entire streets, there are hardly any motifs that are not suitable for architectural photography.

Architectural photos of extensions and conversions of luxurious attic apartments

Particularly Architectural photos of extensions and Conversion of luxurious top floor apartments are ideal for high-quality photo documentation, as these extensions usually also offer excellent perspectives.

Especially for the creation of Photos for company brochures or for Business reports The skilful photographic documentation of the company building is essential. We create both exterior and interior photos of your company building and deliver them to you ready for printing. We pay particular attention to the “small” details that are particularly relevant to the structure of the company’s internal image database.

Architectural photos for company buildings

Large company buildings are often illuminated with artificial light. The lighting gives the picture a special charm later on and buildings often look particularly attractive and beautiful at dusk or at night. We are happy to take these photos during the night to bring out the best of the building.

Abstract representations of company buildings give the picture that “certain something” as do detailed shots of parts of a building. Even with abstract representations, we attach particular importance to the fact that the photographed building should be recognized.

Architectural photos of apartments and other real estate

The photographic documentation of the Conversions and extensions of Top floor apartments or from high quality residential real estate is also an important point for the construction documentation. Especially when it comes to creating an exposé or high-quality real estate advertisements, perfect architectural photos give an insight into the property even before viewing. With perfect photos, the client also achieves a particularly high reference effect, as only professional image material proves his work excellently. The following examples give an overview of our references in the field of interior design photos of apartments, apartment conversions and loft extensions as well as single-family houses.

Exterior architecture photography

Architectural photography is generally a particularly exciting direction in photography. But in particular, the outdoor architecture photography scores with an enormous range of photographic representation and is therefore one of the most exciting topics in architectural photography. The setting of buildings in the scene with perfect lighting conditions not only requires photographic skills and a trained eye, but also flexibility in terms of time, since the weather and thus the right time play an important role in architectural photography. A building with the wrong lighting is decisive between a good and a bad architectural photo.

The right equipment leads to perfect architectural photos

We work with first-class equipment and professional tools such as:

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