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Overview of architectural photography

Real estate photos from a professional

Whether for the presentation of your company on your website, in company brochures or in annual reports. If you need professional real estate photos , ViennaShots is the right partner for you!

When you book us as your photographer, we cater to your individual needs! After a brief preliminary discussion the day before or at the start of the shoot, we know what needs to be done and take photos of your property – entirely according to your wishes.

No matter what type of property it is – we photograph hotels, apartments, stores, restaurants and much more contact us and get a non-binding offer!

We help you to realize your vision! With our photos, you can present and position yourself and your company with photos of the best image quality.


We photograph all over Austria! Although we are mainly active in Vienna and Lower Austria due to our company headquarters in Vienna, we are also happy to take on jobs throughout Austria.

Why book a professional architectural photographer?

Many of our customers ask themselves before the shoot whether a professional photographer is necessary at all to take real estate photos. But we think the results speak for themselves!

Because convincing architectural photos are not simply done in a few seconds. Aspects such as the correct setting, light settings, the necessary equipment and the experience required for this special type of photography usually make the decisive difference between “normal” and professional photos.

We take both exterior and interior photos of your company building and deliver them to you ready for printing. We pay particular attention to the "small" contrasts that are of great relevance to your images.

Real estate photography - we have the necessary experience!

We work with passion and attention to detail!

In order to take perfect pictures and videos of different types of architecture and real estate, you need the right equipment and the right experience. All ViennaShots photographers have several years of experience in photography and are passionate about their job!

What are the main categories of architectural photography?

Architectural photography can be divided into two main categories:

In exterior architectural photography, the focus for the architectural photographer is on the exterior features of a building, such as the facade, while interior architectural photography focuses on the interior spaces of a building, such as the lobby or a specific room.

The quality of the photos taken by the architectural photographer is important because the photos usually play a decisive role in selling buildings and spaces. Architectural photography can be used in marketing materials such as brochures and website listings to show potential buyers or tenants what a particular property looks like.

You will receive both - exterior and interior photos from us!

Especially for the photography of company brochures or annual reports in Vienna, the photographic impression of the company buildings is essential. We take both exterior and interior photos of your company building and deliver them to you ready for printing. We pay particular attention to the framework conditions that are highly relevant for the development of the company’s internal image database.

The architectural photographer for real estate - we bring the most beautiful sides of architecture to light!

We help you visualize your version - from construction to the finished property

Photographic documentation of the conversion and extension of a home and its rooms or of high-value real estate or an office is an important point, not least for construction documentation. Especially when it comes to creating an exposé or high-quality real estate advertisements for marketing by real estate agents, perfect architectural photos provide an insight into the property even before the viewing. The client also achieves a particularly high reference effect for his project through high-quality images, as only professional image material provides excellent proof of his work.

The following examples provide an overview of our work from all over Austria and our projects in the field of real estate photography.

If you want more - the real estate video

With a professional video of your property, you can showcase it even better. We give you some insights into previous projects!

Real estate photography from Vienna - we look forward to receiving your e-mail!

As architectural photographers, we are based in Vienna, but are happy to work for you anywhere in Austria. In addition to photos of your apartment, hotel or office, we can also create a video on request – whether in the form of a 360-degree tour or an image film.

We would be happy to show you some references in a personal meeting!

Get in touch with us right away for your architectural photos!

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