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Impressive property images and professionally photographed flats

Do you need brilliant photos to show your apartment or vacation home in the best light? To achieve really good results, we recommend using professionals for your job. The ViennaShots team knows the architectural photography sector inside out. We provide you with excellent photos that meet your high standards. If you want to post an ad on an online platform, ViennaShots will make sure that you stand out from your competitors and that your real estate listing attracts as much interest as possible.

Expressive pictures of your flat

When you place an advertisement on the Internet, you are essentially giving out your business card. The know-how of an amateur photographer is rarely sufficient for this. Because it’s not enough to just pull out your smartphone. You can make all kinds of mistakes, especially if you want to realistically present the size and special surroundings of the rooms.

We don’t just provide perfect architectural photography for private use. Whether annual report or company brochure: Offices, workshops and storage rooms should be documented as authentically as possible. You can commission ViennaShots to create the exterior and interior shots and provide you with edited artwork. As experts, we have an eye for the details that can be relevant when setting up a database.

In the field of architectural photography, a clear style and a keen eye for characteristic building styles are particularly important. However, it is necessary to have the right equipment at hand. Extensive experience in creating this type of image is also important. The ViennaShots team offers you all of this. You can talk to us so that we can find out what is particularly important to you. We arrive with professional equipment and use both a wide-angle lens and a camera tripod in our work.

Even without a commercial background, architectural photos are often used. They are used in the field of art or to illustrate reports. Particularly creatively captured perspectives are presented in illustrated books or exhibition catalogs.

Insights into our portfolio

An important aspect: the lighting

To ensure that your apartment shines in the photos and radiates atmosphere, it is important to avoid the shadows that occur in blurred images. The spotlights used to illuminate your rooms must not produce light that is too harsh. The experts at ViennaShots know the tricks of the trade when it comes to softening harsh shadows. If you think you can eliminate some of the shortcomings in post-processing with PhotoShop, you will probably not be satisfied with the end result.

Leave the task of photographing your rooms to the ViennaShots team. This increases the chances of the images arousing interest and being noticed by the right target group. At the same time, you avoid the risk of not being noticed due to amateurish photos.

It is best to be prepared for the fact that architectural photography can often take a long time. Professional photographers often need several hours to photograph rooms at different times of day. Because the “golden hour” before dusk allows for completely different effects than bright sunshine. A façade designed with a lot of glass or a conservatory are thus shown to completely contrasting advantage.

This is what your apartment should look like before the photo shoot

To make your rooms look as beautiful as possible, you can present them empty or furnished. It goes without saying that the apartment should be freshly cleaned in both cases. This is also important if your apartment is still occupied. Some no-go items such as clothes horse, ladder or boxes should be removed. Overly personal objects and family photos have no place in architectural photos. The best way to conceal overly battered furnishings is with blankets or cushions in harmoniously coordinated bright colors.

A critical look at the overall ambience of a furnished apartment can’t hurt before the photo shoot. After all, the professionals want to shoot photos that look as calm as possible. Small decorations and things lying around create unrest in the pictures. Just remember that the rooms should speak for themselves and you don’t want to score points with your tasteful furnishings. So away with stacked magazines and too many flower pots. A magnificent plant is all you need if you don’t like bare rooms with empty walls. Sometimes all it takes to liven up a room is a stylish chair or a small chest.

ViennaShots: a guarantee for premium quality

The high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved with our shoots makes us happy and spurs us on. We master even difficult challenges in the vast majority of cases. After all, we know very well how much our customers often depend on successful real estate images. Some are dependent on finding a new tenant quickly. Others offer their apartment or business premises for a short-term relocation.

It is often necessary to capture buildings or details in rooms with an extra high depth of field. Consequently, we usually work with a tripod and a longer exposure time. Do you need the photos of your apartment for high-quality documentation, for example, or as a basis for an extension or conversion? Together we will determine what is particularly important to you. Which fixtures or architectural delicacies should the viewer notice first? You can trust the ViennaShots team to consider the visual priorities of architectural photography.

For whatever reason you decide to offer your apartment online: Leave it to us to take the photos. At first glance, you will realize what a difference professional shots make. Images with a strong statement of bright rooms, interesting perspectives and lovingly selected details will certainly lead to the desired success. ViennaShots supports you in achieving this goal with skillful architectural photos .

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