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Image photos for your company or doctor's office

Image photos as defining photos convey central messages, as an important part of visual communication. Image photos must be authentic and achieve the desired effect, regardless of whether they are managers of the athletes, the photos that are used in PR work, in business reports or image brochures or flyers.

Image photos are mostly created on location, i.e. directly with you, preferably directly at work or in an ambience that represents your work. This is the only way to appear authentic and the connection to your business remains clearly recognizable. With your outfit and the chosen location, we underline the core message and with our imagery we visualize your personal company story, which you would like to tell with it.

We specialize in image photos and create the photos in the context that suits you and your company. We pay attention to the specifications of the corporate design and put you and your company in the right context.

Image photos for ordination: why these are so important

Doctors’ offices often have to fight for new patients. The presence on the Internet also plays an important role. In addition to the pure functionality of the website and the density of information, the image photos of the ordination play an important role. Because pictures make the texts come alive and allow the patient to get a first impression of the practice, of the services and the staff. We will show you why good image photos can be a decisive factor for the ordination.

Make the practice understandable for the patient

Trust is an important good for doctors. Such a feeling must be built up with patients who are still unknown and who might decide to go to the practice. With pictures of the practice you can present yourself from your best side and thus greet potential patients in the best possible way. Set up the images as the patient would enter the practice. Starting with the reception, the patient can get to know the practice step by step and get an idea of the practice. Good light and soft colors make a strong contribution to building trust.

Modern equipment strengthens patient confidence

Make sure to show the practice equipment on the pictures, provided that it is used in practice. Because modern and high-performance equipment is always proof for the patient that he is being treated comprehensively and with modern methods in this practice. Detail shots can also be used, but overall the picture should remain rather general and give a comprehensive impression of the practice and the associated possibilities.

Friendly and open staff convinced

Image photos for the ordination are not limited to the furniture and the rooms alone, but should also include your employees. Because these are of decisive importance whether a patient feels comfortable in the practice or not. Introduce the treating doctors and of course the other employees of the ordination with photos and a brief summary of the areas of activity. This makes the practice seem much more human. If the employees appear open and relaxed in the photos and if they smile at the patients, they will already feel welcomed by the photos in the ordination. This arouses positive feelings, which can significantly influence the decision to visit.

A look behind the scenes - dare to have more personality

If you want to reinforce the human side of the appearance, you can achieve the desired effect with photos. A look behind the scenes can be very pleasant if it is well staged. A photo of two employees taking a break together in the kitchen of the ordination shows a pleasantly human side and, if well photographed, can give the impression of a random snapshot.

Treatments show, reduce fears

Many ordinations offer a wide and varied range of treatments. Explaining this with just words is difficult and can even build inhibitions in the patient. With image photos for the ordination, you can make these treatment options visible to the visitor and actively reduce fears. Employees in your own practice can also serve as models if you make their faces unrecognizable in the pictures. Otherwise, however, it is advisable to book a model for a comprehensive shoot or to use a person from your own family as a model. Make sure that the photos indicate the treatments and thus support the explanation, but are not too explicit for the viewer. The right game with perspective can significantly enhance the image photos for the ordination.

Explain treatments in words and pictures

Among other things, you can also use the photos to optimally highlight details if you want to explain treatments and treatment options to the patient. Focused details with a suitable explanation next to the pictures can grab your attention and at the same time explain the different treatments. Which details are focused on naturally depends on the type of ordination. With a dentist, a focus image can show the different drill heads, while with a gynecologist an image of the ultrasound device can be useful. The images should be symbolic and yet not look like stock photos. The stronger the practical relevance, the higher the confidence of the visitors.

Show rooms - be careful with triggers

A practice should appear inviting through the image photos for the ordination and encourage the patients to visit. However, you should be careful as many patients may also be put off by certain triggers. Always put yourself in the shoes of the anxious patient when they look at the pictures. This becomes especially important when parts of the facility can be such a trigger. A dentist’s or gynecologist’s chair can definitely be one here. These should therefore be seen in the room, especially incidentally, without the focus of the photos on them. In this way, the images are more pleasant to look at and are less likely to scare off visitors, but rather serve their information purpose perfectly. Always keep this in mind when choosing images and perspective.

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