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What used to be still life is now food photography! Not only supposedly essential for cookbooks, menus or recipes, the skilful reproduction of food plays an important role for countless companies. Imagine our popular American fast food restaurants without photos of juicy burgers and crispy French fries or the famous Sacher cake without the corresponding photographic surface! What would the deep-freeze shelf in our supermarkets be without pictures of crunchy vegetables, hearty home cooking or seductive ice cream varieties on the packaging? Food photography accompanies us every day, whether as a poster of fresh croissants, a flyer of a discounter’s novelties or when ordering food online. Nothing lacks the photographic representation and rightly so, because man is visual.

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In order to put food skillfully into the centre of attention, a trained eye is required first of all. Food photography is based on well-founded know-how, excellent photographic equipment and, above all, the correct assessment of lighting conditions and illumination. We either stage your products in the studio and pay attention to your requirements as well as to all special features of your advertising line or directly on site, because with our equipment we can also meet the high requirements of food photography. Whether consumer goods, food or industrial goods, we are the ideal contact for food photography.

The Food Photography and the Food Stylist

Anyone who thinks that food photography is all about taking pictures of food is mistaken. Already an old proverb says ‘The devil is in the detail’ and so the preparation of food photography takes up most of the time. The photographer and the food stylist therefore work hand in hand as important partners. From the selection of the respective food to the joint purchase with the chef, we take the details of food photography very seriously. We prefer to shop at farmers’ markets, as the food is regional on the one hand and fresh on the other (

Our food stylist works very closely with our chef to ensure that the freshly prepared dishes on the photos look perfect. Sometimes we do some tricks to make the product look even tastier for the finished food photo.

Decoration is essential for a good food photo


What the right pair of shoes is for the woman to the dress, is for the tomato soup the basil leaf or the sour cream swab in the middle. The little splash of colour makes the difference! Not only the background, the background, the play of colours and the structures or patterns have to be composed to a work of art. ViennaShots does this itself. We have innumerable backgrounds and backgrounds, which we process with different lacquers and colours or even stain, so that each photo is individually adapted to the customer’s wishes.

Natural light is preferred in food photography


We prefer to work with daylight. The maxim is ‘available light’, i.e. we use natural light as much as possible, because it makes food appear alive, which quickly looks flat and cold with flashlight.

Read here about the perfect light setting in food photography

Image design & light in food photography

The image design is always individual. Therefore it is important to think in advance how the finished picture should look like. Portrait or landscape format, image flow, third division and shooting angle are only a few keywords that should be considered in this context. Also the details like backgrounds, backgrounds, colouring and additional objects have to be fixed, because they give the picture its unique composition.

If you wish, we can also photograph your food in plain white. In order to adapt the colouring of the picture to the respective lighting conditions, a white balance is a matter of course with this objective. The white balance is necessary to avoid colour casts such as yellow or blue casts and to adapt the actual colour tones to the human sensation.

Post-processing in food photography

Once the perfect picture is in the box, trained post-processing is required. We carry out the following work for you in the field of food photography:

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