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Sensual staged during a nude shoot

Nude or erotic photos are popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas or on the occasion of partnership anniversaries. But recordings of the (partially) exposed body are not created in a few minutes like a passport photo. They demand top performance from everyone involved and require thorough preparation both BEFORE and BEHIND the camera. This post tells you what is important in a nude or erotic shoot and how you can participate in this type of recording.

Origin and development of nude photography

In order to understand what makes nude photography so special, it is worth taking a look at its history: Originally, the photos served as studies of proportions that were only available to artists. They could be reproduced as often as required and were therefore a significantly cheaper teaching aid than the living models that had been common up to that point.

At the same time, every single shot was an indispensable source of income. Artists eligible for purchase exchanged the photos for groceries and luxuries that they normally could not have afforded. The higher quality the nude pictures looked, the more they brought in for the black market trader.

So it’s no wonder that this branch of photography quickly developed into an independent genre. Just a few years after their establishment, nude photos showed less and less static poses. Rather, the portrayed seemed to have been caught more and more often in very private moments: while taking off day or night clothes, putting on make-up or straightening their hairstyle.

Modern nude photography

To this day, such shots are among the best examples of successful nude photography. Although they depict much less nudity than their historical predecessors, they appear much more intimate. They show all those facets of the personality that remain hidden in a direct comparison – because they are falsified by clothing, gestures or the voice of the model. Recognizing the hidden strengths and literally putting them in the right light is the photographer’s job. He must enough experience bring along to lead a nude shoot; However, the person to be portrayed must not dominate. You should be completely yourself and appear as natural as possible. This opens up numerous possibilities for the photographer to capture, emphasize or weaken peculiarities.

Trust is essential for this. Between the people in front of and behind the camera must be the eloquent chemistry voices; they have to be sympathetic to each other and approach each other with openness. The resulting dynamic is the fuel for the shoot; it sets the pace and inspires the model to pose, which the photographer captures at the right moment.

Forms and means of nude photography

Which that could be depends largely on the type of nude shoot. You have the opportunity,

  • – individually
  • – as a pair
  • – as pregnant women
  • – with your baby

step in front of the camera – and you will receive appealing nude photos every time.

I use all available means for the recordings. Arise in the course of the session

– full body,
– partial,
– detail,
– color and
– Black-and-white-

Photos from which you can choose the most beautiful pictures at the end of the shoot.

You alone decide how intimate the nude recordings will be. However, I advise against poses that are too clear. You would caricature the concerns of the shoot, because the photos only get their erotic charisma from what the viewer cannot see.

Design of a nude shoot

Playing with the hunch has numerous possible variations . The lighting conditions and the viewing angle as well as the location and the prevailing conditions become part of the staging. You can stay in the (half) shade during the nude shoot, hide behind a tree or have photos taken from unusual perspectives. The result is always different, even with the same poses – and will surprise you.

Furthermore, in the Part of a nude shoot numerous accessories are used.

  • – Jewellery,
  • – textiles,
  • – Fetish articles and / or
  • – erotic toys

can emphasize or hide individual parts of the body and support the posing in front of the camera in a subtle way. In addition to the components of my studio fund, you can bring your own props into the nude shoot.

Your wishes and concerns during the nude shoot

In general, your ideas are in demand for erotic recordings. Before the session, think about how you want to appear in the pictures, which parts you want to be emphasized and / or where your (supposed) weak points are. Your details flow into my work and help determine the course of the shoot.

You can let yourself be surprised once again – because even (apparently) unattractive body parts can with refined lighting or from one unusual angle look interesting. The same applies to the role shown. Even if you’re reluctant in real life, you can be targeted Erotic pictures Make them look fatal like a femme fatale or a homme.

But nothing ever happens against your express will. Should you find yourself in the Session uncomfortable feel, quarrel with the staging or have other concerns: Talk about it openly! Nude shoots not only live from the craftsmanship of the photographer and unusual ideas – but above all from a good feeling and lots of fun.

Your contribution to the nude shoot

So that you feel just as sensual as the resulting erotic images suggest, you should prepare intensively for the nude shoot. After our initial or orientation conversation, we will make an appointment for the actual session. Until then you have enough time to optimize your body for the recordings.

It is not a question of providing what appears to be ideal dimensions or of meeting certain ideas. You are by nature the perfect model – no matter how tall or well trained you are, what chest size you have or whether you shave regularly.

Private poses - exercises for a good body awareness

Rather, you should become “one with yourself”. Find out which pose you like yourself best and which posture emphasizes your “sweet spot”. Turn and position yourself in front of a sufficiently large mirror, smile and wink encouragingly or try your hand at the lascivious glance.

If you would like to come to the nude shoot as a couple, you should involve your loved one in the preparations. Together you have more options for erotic-looking poses; but have to coordinate – because what one likes, the other does not have to approve for a long time.

Full body control - little things with a big impact

From a technical point of view there is still a couple of aspects that you should keep in mind to get the Shooting to support in the best possible way:

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