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Often a photo is the deciding factor for an invitation to a conversation. Perfect application photos are a must not only in written CVs, but also in social networks. The first impression counts and should not be underestimated, because often personnel consultants and headhunters cavort on XING, LinkedIn or other professional networks to find the ideal candidate. That’s why good application photos are so important.

An application photo is a sustainable investment

A professional application photo is therefore a sustainable investment in you and your professional future. We create perfect photos for you, which will also help you with your application and present you dynamically, sympathetically and competently.

Who needs good application photos?

Of course, anyone looking for a job or a new career orientation. The person is fixed on pictures and a picture says more than a thousand words. Thus good application photos are generally essential. Here it is however additionally mentioned that there are special industries, in which particularly attention is put on the visual impression. In addition all ranges count with much customer contact such as selling, sales and banks. In addition, actors or other jobs with representation character are very aligned to good application photos. According to studies, almost half of all applications fall out of the selection at the first screening and are no longer looked at closely. This is especially the case with large corporations, as they receive several hundred applications per week (sometimes even daily). Good application photos make the difference.

Why are good application photos so important?


There is no second chance for a first impression. A good photo that creates a sympathetic impression is often the decision between invitation and non-invitation. We take the application photos in a relaxed atmosphere. So that you can also try on several outfits and thus change your appearance, we can even come to your home, if desired. Colours and shapes often appear differently on photos than in reality, which is why we also assist you a little with style advice. Sometimes other jewellery is better or a tie in a different colour is needed.

Photographers are also good advisors when it comes to an application photo. As an applicant, you should know what a good application photo is all about and prepare yourself accordingly. Hairstyle, clothes, make-up, shave, posture, facial expression and colours are all part of an overall expression that brings you a step closer to your goal of getting the job.

How to recognize a good application photo


There are many possibilities to design an application photo in such a way that it has a winning effect on personnel managers. Conversely, there are just as many ways to disguise an application photo. One person pinches his lips together, the other protrudes dynamically and obliquely into the picture, the third smiles, while another applicant is dressed too casually. In fact, many myths entwine around application photos, but unlike job references there are no secret codes and no catalogue of criteria.

An application photo is neither a full body photo nor a passport photo, but a representation of the head up to the shoulders. An application photo is neither a selfie nor a portrait cut from a holiday photo. A good photographer will illuminate your face without shadows. He will make sure that your body is aligned with an imaginary person who seems to be sitting opposite you. You should refrain from tilting your head. Instead, the body should be as perpendicular as possible to the line of sight. Stay relaxed and imagine that you have already received a promise. And at this thought your smile becomes welcoming and open. In order to underline your friendly nature, pay attention to a natural and matte skin tone and that your face is not covered by hair falling into your face. Make-up, jewellery and accessories should be discreet, regardless of the industry for which you are applying. The mandatory program for men includes either a well-groomed beard or a smoothly shaved face. This applies equally to both men’s and women’s hair, which should be groomed and styled but still look natural.

A few more tips will help you to get the perfect portrait!

The No-Go’s at the application photo

Even if it is an application in the cosmetics industry or in the service area of gastronomy, a low-cut neckline has no place on an application photo. This also applies to the upper body, which should not be tilted forward and turned to emphasize the bust size. Your eyes shouldn’t be wide open either, and you shouldn’t have to smile too. The same applies to the Thinker pose with a pleated forehead and a chin resting on the hand. To the No Go´s belongs also the passing by. Instead, an open, unobstructed and direct view is a good opportunity to build bridges to the human resources manager so that you can reach your goal.

Which clothes for the perfect application photo?

This is a frequently asked question, which also plays an important role with regard to the application photo. Clothing is directly related to the position you are applying for. It makes a difference whether you are applying for an office job or a trade job. If you are applying as a lifeguard, the suit and tie on an application photo are not appropriate. Executives and those applying for office work should wear a suit with a shirt and tie (not mandatory) or a blazer and blouse. You don’t have to do without colours. A shirt may have a discreet pattern and a blazer need not be dark blue, black or grey. Especially when applying for creative jobs, you are allowed to reach a little more into the colour pot and appear more casual, but well-groomed.

With the right mix to the perfect job

We are very pleased to have won the founder and project manager of the application consultancy as our partner. This partner has decades of experience in the field of application & career consulting and has been offering this – as one of the first on the online market – successfully via the Internet since 2000.

What is the procedure for the application photo shoot?

With an application photo we take enough time for you and give you tips for the outfit and make-up in advance, so that you really look perfect! Also the background of an application photo plays a very important role – rather white and plain or strong dynamic; this depends of course completely on the branch in which you are!

Price model of our application photos

application photos

  • Creation of different sujets
  • Retouching of the photos taken
  • All private rights of use to the photos
  • Delivery of photos via our Foto-Online-System
  • 3 outfits, different backgrounds
  • Check outfits and clothing
  • Photography in the photo studio or outdoors (depending on the type of application) or on-the-job
Start now with new application photos!

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